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Edited at 26.01.2020 – Essay about yourself example

Essay about yourself

   I know you are such a unique person. I can barely remember when I was in elementary school. When the teacher asked me to share my essay, I kept pretending that I was normal. Then, like a hundred words, I said, ‘Maybe I am a happy student.’ But then, the class teacher changed the tune and put me in the trash heap. Basing on what I had said earlier, I said ‘That is enough proof that I am an ‘self-made’ individual.’ It made sense to me to be labeled as such.  

Imagine how awful it would be to be labeled a freak because of such a statement. Imagine there are people out there who are crazed on a new life. You cannot deny the fact that most people have stage abilities. Or are they born with excellent analytical skills, yet they lack the basic vocabulary to make an essay about themselves. That is why essay writing and creating a persona to appear on the cover of their coursework is something that anyone can do.  

How to write an essay about yourself

Creating that persona is one未分類-ja/top-choices-of-expository-essay-introduction-format/ of the many advantages that an individual can gain when he or she writes an essay about themselves. This is because creating an essay about yourself is a way for a person to grow their career and chances of attaining a well-paying job. A good persona is someone who portrays themselves beyond expectations and boundaries while remaining true to themselves. Some characteristics of a good persona include:

  • He or she can communicate using their wide range of expressive, bodily, and spatial language. 
  • He or she can freely tell specific stories. 
  • He or she can seamlessly fit into any career structure. 
  • He or she can comfortably fit into a certain social setting. 

Expected Writing Platforms

Now, what could be the ideal platform for someone to thrive on? The following are the anticipated writing platforms for a student:Â   Â  

LinkedIn ProFinder

   It is easy to maneuver around from one writing platform to another without getting stranded. With LinkedIn, students can join their preferred social status with ease.  

Microsoft portfolio

The personal portfolio page is another excellent platform for a student to share information with. With LinkedIn, any student can reach out to their preferred account.